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1st course - Etheric body
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1 курс, эфирное тело, меньшикова, база 1 курс, эфирное тело, меньшикова, Матрица
1БК Базовый курс. Эфирное тело.
Матрица. Для 1 курса
Книга. Хитросплетения судьбы или в каком измерении ты живёшь?
Доставка посылки.

Sensations are the tool used by people to receive information about the outside world. Therefore, any magic practitioner should skillfully master all the techniques of working with sensations. We will learn how to boost the Etheric body to an extent where it is able to process a larger amount of energy of a much higher quality, will dive deeper into our own realm of sensations and get in touch with the most sacred structure - our own soul and our chakral structures
At this course our students will 
- study the sevenfold structure of consciousness
- enhance the skill of quick concentration of attention 
- learn to self-assess the current state of the Etheric body
- learn about different vibrational ranges of the physical body 
- find their inner source of power 
- explore the technique of etheric projection 
- master the following basic techniques: vital rhythm and  “I am as I am “
- self-assess their own chakral structures 
- learn how to boost their chakras by actifying them
- charge their Matrix

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