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Energetic damage
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1 курс, эфирное тело, меньшикова, Энергопоражения
1БК Энергопоражения. Диагностика, коррекция и предупреждение.

It is not a secret that aside from the ailments of the physical body, there are also subtle body ailments. However, only very few know that all these illnesses are always interconnected: an event will appear on the physical plane only after it has already been formed on the subtle one. Subtle body diseases are called energetic damage. In folklore, damages to the energy field were known as spoilages, curses, jinxes, entity attachments, which certainly sounded pretty creepy and terrifying. Folk wisdom provided us with knowledge about the presence of such phenomena, and modern Magic gives causal description of these misfortunes. 
Access: Main course. Day 1-4 completed

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