Store Main Department 2st course — Astral body 2 BC -Specific cleansing of the Astral body. Topc: Money
2 BC -Specific cleansing of the Astral body. Topc: Money
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2 курс, астрал, меньшикова, Деньги-2
2БК Специфическая чистка астрального тела. Тема: Деньги

2nd course. Main Department. Menshikova School.

Specific cleansing of the Astral body.//Topics: Love, family, marriage (materials are available for asynchronous learning); All other topics are to be reviewed independently following the example, or during the online classes.
Power, career.
Risk, unexpected events.
And others.
Getting rid of subconscious constraints in your personal life: fears, expectations, illusions, false ideals.

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