Store Ad Libitum Department Appropriate energy exchange AD LIB. Adequate Energy Exchange
AD LIB. Adequate Energy Exchange
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Адекватный энергообмен
AD LIB. Адекватный энергообмен

At this course we study types of energy nutrition, determine personal psychotype and energy exchange, master universal rules of successful communication and effective relations. 
Having mastered the skills given in this seminar, you will be able to maximize your effectiveness in your relationships with people, avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. Understand how to communicate with your children and parents, ensure career growth and better understand your partner.

At this step, students of Menshikova School:
– get to know different types of energy nutrition.
– find out their own source of power
– determine Psychotype and Energy Genes: Parent or Child?
– define their environment based on psychotype and energy exchange.
– learn universal rules of successful communication and effective relations
– Peculiarities of relationship building between Parents and Children, Man and Woman, Employees and Superiors  and also other people

Admission: no prerequisites required

Duration: 2 days for 3 hours

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